If you wish to licence a track you need to complete the appropriate form (you can send your request to the Licensing Department by fax on 020 8877 9109 or by post to 17-19 Alma road, London SW18 1AA). Unless the form is completed in full your request cannot be processed.

For students we grant a gratis educational usage and for film festivals our standard rate is 400 both of which are limited to a one year licence. Our short form licence for non-commercial use cannot be amended.

Other than for schools or festivals we do not have a fixed price so your request must be sent with your financial proposal.

Please note that we are the record company and control the master recording rights only. The Licensee (i.e. You) shall be responsible for seeking permission from (and making payment to) the music publishers. MCPS (Tel. 020 8769 4400) or your local collecting society can provide the publisher(s) details.

Clearance will generally take a minimum of one week and you will receive a response or our licence by fax. Until approval has been granted and the licence has been signed and payment received you should not proceed. Please do not contact this office regarding progress during the first week as this will cause delays.

Option 1 - Non-Exclusive Compilation Request
You can apply online to use one or more of our tracks on a compilation release of your own.

Please click apply to browse our library and select the tracks you wish to license.
Option 2 - Non-Exclusive Master Use Request
If you wish to licence a track for a Movie/ TV Film/ Short Film/ Film Festival/ TV Programme/ Commercial or Internet use please click the apply now button and complete the application process.

You may fax to 020 8877 9109 or find the email address on the PDF form.

Option 3 - Non-Exclusive Master Use Request for Non-Commercial Student Usage
Please download and complete this form if you wish to licence a track for Non-Commercial Student use.

You may fax to 020 8877 9109 or find the email address on the PDF form.